Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 14: Someone you love

Well this one was easy.  I take many, many, many pictures of someones I love every single day.  First there is my Rowe Baby...
You like his stick dinosaur?  The rock is its head.  He's so smart. 
Then there is little miss PhePhe...
Oh, she makes me smile.  I had to use an old picture of her (as in a week old) because she wasn't feeling well.  She is having some allergies lately.  Her nose is running and her poor eyes are so red and puffy since she keeps rubbing them.  Poor little one.
Then there is my husband.  I love the man, I really do.  Even when this is what he does every single time I pointed the camera at him...
He can be such a pain. 

**************on a completely different note*****************

My lovely mother in law got me 3 months of a fruit of the month club subscription for my birthday.  My first shipment finally showed up yesterday.  I was so excited I barley had time to clean them off before we devoured them.
 Aren't they pretty?  They tasted amazing!  They were juicy and delicious and I loved every single bite!
 So did Rowen.  He was probably eating them faster than I was.  And I wasn't paying very good attention because Phoebe got ahold of mine.  I figured she already had it in her mouth she might as well get to try her first strawberry. 
 She loved it! 
 It was so juicy!

And there was NOTHING left of it.  Little miss loves her some berries.  She had blackberries for breakfast and strawberries for lunch.  Nothing wrong with a little fruit. 

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