Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 9: Fresh Fruit

My mother in law gave me a wonderful present for my birthday this year.  She gave me a subscription to a fruit of the month club from Harry and David.  I am so thrilled about this gift!  It was so thoughtful and original.  I love it!  I would love it even more if my fruit would ever arrive.  I'm still waiting on my May fruit even though I received the letter from H&D saying they were on their way.  I might call.  So I was hoping I would be able to photograph my fresh strawberries from May or even the mango's from June... but I still have no fruit.  Boo!
So instead I decided to take pictures of my tomatoes on my back deck because yes, tomatoes are a fruit.

And my little farmer too...

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  1. Great photos! I'm going to become a new follower so I can track your 30 days of June challenge! :)